The Love Knot is very excited to launch!


After many years of contemplating this new venture, it was being engaged and planning my own wedding that I think made me realize that if I could I would like to have a number of weddings just so we could have the fun that I have had planning my own wedding. The excitement of choosing the colour, venue, stationary and everything else in between has really given me a sense of inspiration and has really got the creative juices flowing. 

So with my gorgeous talented sister-inlaw Erin we decided that it was time to help other excited brides plan, style and decorate their once in a life time day. I want every bride to love the experience as much as I have. 

The Love Knot is also very lucky to have had amazing help and support from the gorgeous Louise Vorster who is an incredibly talented wedding and lifestyle photographer, YES!! I am very lucky to have her be our wedding photographer and cannot wait to see our photos.

I am so excited about this new adventure in my life and more excited that I get to share it with my amazing sister as Erin is everything I need in a business partner.

We really hope to work with all you gorgeous brides soon, I know that The Love Knot will make you day a complete dream come True.

Regards and wishes


While I was studying, I did an internship setting up wedding venues across Gauteng. I loved every minute of making a bride’s dream day come true, just the way she imagined it.

While helping my sister-in law Ashleigh plan the little things for her wedding to my brother, we both realized we make a pretty awesome team. We both have the same goals of making weddings affordable and enjoyable for all involved. This way the bride and groom can focus on the two of them becoming one.

We both look forward to working with you to make your ever after a reality and just the way you want it.

 Lots of love knot wishes



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